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Personal Statement Internal Medicine Residency | Application Stats You Should Know About

Interested to find out more about internal medicine residency application? You may check an interesting infographic on how to write an attention-grabbing personal statement internal medicine residency, as well as some useful application tips below:

writing personal statement internal medicine residency

Interesting Facts about Internal Medicine Residency

  • Internal medicine is the branch of science in which, a patient is treated without any surgical method.
  • There are more than 160 thousand internists in the United States only.
  • Average annual income for internists of internal medicine range from $150,000 to $178,000.
  • There are 141 medical schools and 400 teaching hospitals in the United States.
  • There are 396 accredited internal medicine residency programs.

Requirements for Residency Personal Statement

Every institution has certain requirements for IM residency personal statement. You have to know the details before you start writing your personal statement.

help writing personal statement internal medicine residency

Here we are mentioning some general requirements, which are usually common for all institutions for internal medicine residency application:

  • Length: An ideal personal statement is the one which is approximately one-page long. A statement having 4 or 5 small paragraphs will be enough.
  • Format: Institutions require a different format. Some ask for APA format, while others require MLA or Chicago style formatting. Whatever the formatting style, you have adopted, make sure that the whole IM residency personal statement is in the same format.
  • Content: Personal statement is the space, where you can express yourself. Don’t repeat the details of your CV. If something in your CV needs an explanation, a personal statement is a place to explain that. Show your original self and express your passion for internal medicine.

Top 10 Useful Tips for the Best Personal Statement for Internal Medicine Residency Writing

If you are writing personal statement internal medicine residency, you have to write it carefully, as it’s an important part of the internal medicine residency application.

Here are the top 10 tips, which can help you to write a personal statement for IM residency:

  • Start with an interesting incident. An interesting start will encourage the reader to read the personal statement for internal medicine residency. Admission committee reads hundreds of personal statements, you have to write something unique to leave an impression on their minds.
  • It’s good to use formal language throughout the text, avoid the use the contractions. Don’t use any slang too.
  • The best personal statement for internal medicine residency should have 4 – 5 paragraphs. A long personal statement will be boring and a short one will not serve the purpose properly.
  • Avoid the use of “I”, it does not sound good in the personal statement. It reflects as if you are self-centred, which is not a good impression.
  • The personal statement should be well organized. The paragraphs should be linked with one and other.
  • Editing is very important after writing a personal statement. Check spelling and punctuation for mistakes. It’s vital for a personal statement to be free from any kind of errors.
  • It’s better not to use so many adjectives in your personal statement. It looks superficial, which is not acceptable by the admission committee.
  • If you are applying to more than one institutions, make sure you write a different personal statement for every college.
  • It’s better to start writing your IM residency personal statement well before time. It’s a time taking the job and if you write it at the nick of time, you will not be able to write it properly and lose your chance to get admission.
  • Don’t copy from any source. You can find samples of personal statement online and in different journals as well. But remember, being original is the key to success.

Our Expert Services Can Help in Professional IM Residency Personal Statement Writing

We have a team of writing experts and they can help you in multiple ways.

Our writers are well qualified in the field of internal medicine. They know the requirements of the admission committee. They are well aware of the formatting styling, which different institutions ask for. So, they can write a perfect personal statement for you. That will be completely customized according to your needs.

We have well-trained editors as part of our team. If you have already written your personal statement for internal medicine residency, let our editors help you. They will edit your statement carefully and it will be free from all kinds of mistakes, ready for the submission.

We don’t copy content from any source. All our documents are written by our writers, according to the requirements of the clients. We guarantee that our documents are free from plagiarism.

Personal statement for internal medicine residency is a very important document. Our experts can help you with this difficult task. So, use your special discount and call us now!